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An Unexpected Angel’s Voice

Jonathan Blalock

When you think of the perfect holiday album, what comes to mind first? Barbra Streisand? Chanticleer? I’m guessing most people wouldn’t imagine that a bounty hunter/truck driver would make any kind of a Christmas CD (except for perhaps a parody)! Tenor Carl Tanner originally pursued driving 18-wheelers and tracking down


Book More Performances- Part 3

Angela Myles Beeching

Are there perfect pitches when it comes to booking your own concerts? Maybe not, but we can get close! Over the past few weeks we’ve been focusing on how to book more concerts. If you missed any of these, last week we focused on WHERE you might get more bookings, and the week


Book More Performances- Part 2

Angela Myles Beeching

Start Local All careers are built from the ground up: everyone starts small and local. So if you’re launching a new program or a new ensemble, or if you’ve moved to a new city or are new to booking your own concerts, this is for you: Think beyond the “usual suspects” Explore


Book More Performances- Part 1

Angela Myles Beeching

To book more performances, consider your programming. It’s more important than you may realize. Think about it from a concert series presenter’s point of view. Booking a relatively unknown artist to play a recital of standard repertoire—does that sound like a box office draw? The audience can stay home and listen


Act and Not Be Acted Upon

Alex Stoddard

Be prepared to act, and not be acted upon. That was my message to a group of singers and teachers at Tulane University last Friday as we took an hour to discuss some marketing and business principles as part of the CS Music Marketing Essentials Workshop. If you’ve never been


New Season! New Outlook!

Robert and Jane Mirshak

Late August and early September signifies a new music season. Whether you are going back to school, starting a young artist program, preparing for auditions or revving up for your next gig, this is a great time to come to the table with a renewed and positive outlook on your


The Wonder of Technology, Nature, and Music

Alex Stoddard

I’m sitting on a train traveling from Oslo to Bergen, Norway. And I’m able to communicate with anyone in the world. Amazing. More amazing, however, is the scenery out the window. Miles and miles and miles of gorgeous canyon-steeped valleys filled with thin pine trees as far as the eye


Do The Work

Alex Stoddard

Do the work. That was one of the pieces of wisdom that venerated tenor and voice teacher George Shirley gave to me as we sat in an empty cafeteria in the refurbished Royal College of Music in Stockholm, Sweden this past week, part of the International Congress of Voice Teacher’s


Career Paths in Classical Singing

Robert and Jane Mirshak

How exciting it is to consider the many and varied possibilities when creating and/or choosing your career path.  Sometimes it may even choose you! One thing is for certain, there is no one clear path by any means, to a successful singing career.  Certainly, there is the more traditional path involving


Audition Tune-up: Avoiding Overdone Musical Theatre Songs

Nadine Gomes

I had the immense privilege of judging the majority of the Musical Theatre rounds in this year’s CS Vocal Competition in Chicago. I heard so many impressive voices in both the high school and pre-professional divisions, but a large number of these accomplished singers chose musical theatre repertoire that was